Take control of your organization

Start using the one security platform that helps you take control over your organizational security processes and integrate this with the seamlessly with the rest of your processes. Easy!

Live View works on any device. Start using Live View, streamline your processes and safe time.

We have templates for specific domains like football, construction and events. Did not find you’re you are looking for? Build your own template or have us build it for you from scratch.

Maintain compliance for your organization by keeping track of important indicators like safety performance, the engagement of personnel and certifications.

Capture critical incident information on the spot. Use data to make strategic safety improvements.

Safe time by registering critical incident information in the field or access your safety template library from anywhere and record positive or negative safety observations from any device in seconds.

With To-Do lists that notify users of tasks and give management high over insight you make sure that everybody is on track and nothing gets missed.

Whether it be a couple or a whole stack of existing forms and templates. Digitalizing these documents and business processes is easy and quick.

Improve your organization, keep track of what was discussed and distribute tasks within your team with our meetings module.

Communicate with colleagues, record incidents and resolve hazards directly in our native app. Save time and enhance performance with Live View.


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The #1 Way to Put Safety First

Data security and privacy

Data is becoming increasingly important. Unfortunately in the security sector it is not very common that data protection and privacy regulations are implemented. It is crucial to protect your data and make sure that you work according to the Security by Design and Privacy by Design principles. Live View has been developed according to these principles and complies with the most recent security standards, laws and regulations.

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